Selection on the international market and distribution in Italy of products, systems and equipments for cleaning and hygiene that solve the issues and help to reduce times of cleaning with the minor physical effort for the operators. Development and realization of projects which are innovative and unique over the worldwide overview of professional cleaning, haring experiences with a herbalist in order to offer products that carry out a required action without corroding human health and the world we live in, starting from the distillation of rain water. We offer cosmetics and articles for hospitality and catering. Our supply includes a broad selection of disposable sanitary articles. We handle and customize several articles and cosmetics for the sectors of hospitality and catering. We assist our clients in examining with them the issues to be resolved, recommending the management of costs for a common aim, following the staff training. We verify everything in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the agreed processes.


Since ever, the proposal is oriented to recommend the smallest possible number of products and equipment to get the required result, reducing the pollution and environmental impact. The selection and the study of our proposals are the result of an industry experience that has begun since over half a century.


We aim to offer high quality products. Every day we spread this way of thinking that leads us to follow a well defined line of products and equipment to recommend. We are convinced that when there is a right profit margin for the whole supply chain, the high quality pays always back since it helps to reduce the operating and stock management costs.


We live and work in Veneto, near Venice. Our business delivers with the own means and staff in the provinces of Venice, Treviso and Padua next to us, with the support of courier expressed in the other provinces of Veneto and regions of Italy. In several areas of the national territory, businesses with the specialization of supply of big plants and technique assistance of professional cooking, distribute detergents exclusively of the line sani-chef®.

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