Project Description


Innovative detergents for all equipment and surfaces.
Products and accessories for cleaning and hygiene of all critical points, surfaces and environments of the food industry.
Our proposals guarantee high standards of hygiene and cleanliness in compliance with current regulations HACCP, the health of operators and the environment.


  • Cleaning and hygiene with high industry standards for kitchens.

  • Application of the HACCP protocol.

  • Effective cleaning plans with products and equipment suitable for the food industry.

  • Innovative range of eco-friendly detergents.

  • Solutions that allow our customers to work easily, quickly, efficiently and safely.

  • Wide range of equipment and detergents for each area of intervention.


  • Right methods of cleaning and sanitizing.

  • Product and equipment advice and staff instruction on how to use them.

  • Periodic checks to ensure the effectiveness of the agreed processes.

  • Installation of automatic dosing systems.

  • Periodic checks on water hardness.

  • Assistance and maintenance of the installed systems, with preventive maintenance to reduce the risks of emergency interventions.

  • Projections of expenditure on an annual basis.

  • Personalization with our customers logo on disposable products.