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We are a family who begun dealing with hygiene before the second world war with the production of solid bars of soap for laundry cleaning and personal hygiene. In 1967 Francesco Mistretta founds the current firm, at the beginning with production and later on with the distribution of a large range of products and equipment for hygiene, devoted to the professional sector.


Selection on the international market and distribution in Italy of products, systems and equipment for cleaning and hygiene that solve the issues and help to reduce times of cleaning with the minor physical effort for the operators. Development of innovative projects, unique over the worldwide overview of professional cleaning, starting from the distillation of rain water, sharing experiences with a herbalist in order to offer products that carry out a required action without corroding human health and the world we live in. We offer cosmetics and articles for hospitality and catering, handling also the customization of several products directly. Our supply includes a broad selection of sanitary articles. We assist our clients in examining with them the issues to be resolved, recommending the management of costs for a common aim. Since ever, the daily work gave us the chance to transform requirements and problems, expressed by our customers, in opportunities. The selection and the study of our proposals are the result of an industry experience that has begun since over half a century.


January 1900

Early 1900s

Mistretta Srlsinks the roots at the beginning of the 1900s as a family-run business committed to the production of solid soap “Perla”, become later well-known due to the acquisition by Mira Lanza, with the asset disposal.

March 1967


Since 1967 the enterprise has taken up again a craft production of powder and liquid detergents planned for the professional sector. The diversification of the supply of the business, a few years after, provided also the distribution of technical detergents and protective waxes for floors of the most important multinational corporations of the time. In the 1979 the supply is completed with professional equipments and systems for cleaning and hygiene, articles for hospitality, systems for hygienic sanitation of toiletries, disposables for sanitary, cosmetic, hospitality and industrial use, barrier matting for indoor and outdoor, machines for cleaning. In this way you configure the business supply with the customer panel: restaurants, hotels, educational establishments, service companies, places for retirement, institutes of cure, wellness and sanitary centers.

January 1992


After a constant market rise that lasted for the whole ’80s, the production and the distribution have been transferred in the industrial area of Mira-Giare in province of Venice in the 1992. Since 1994 the industrial manufacture of the conventional detergents that were produced since 1967 has been commissioned by external companies, allowing the specialization in the strategic sectors of the distribution and technical assistance. The constant study of the chemical products in commerce and a careful policy of customer care orientated towards the welfare of clients, have highlighted some critical issues in relation to the presence of harmful substances to health. From this starting point, a few years later, thanks to the decisive contribution of a specialist in herbal medicine and cultivation techniques, the first line of professional detergents has been created with natural herbal concepts. The passion for the creation of products which respect the operators, the workplace and the environment, which are contemporaneously very performing, has addressed the efforts to use clean resources such as the use of purified rainwater.

March 2008


With this spirit, in 2008 the brand Lumen® was born, which includes the most innovative lines of detergents, like the first one that was devoted to the professional cooking: sani-chef®. The first product of this line “sani-chef® Multisgrassante Rapido”, thanks to its qualities of quick and efficient detergent for all surfaces and kitchen equipments, it has immediately been adopted by chefs who are internationally acclaimed and recommended to training schools, proclaiming the success of the whole line of products of which it was the standard bearer.

March 2014


In 2014 our business receives the prestigious international award “Clean Green Award Afidamp 2014-2015” for having presented in Forum Pulire, held in Milano Congressi, sani-chef® L8 BIOnatural, a concentrated liquid detergent for automatic dishwashers, based on completely natural washing substance, where also the production waste can be reused, for instance in zootechnics for adjustment of the acid ph of the manure. In 2015 the animated video created in order to illustrate the eco-friendly cycle of sani-chef® L8 BIOnatural, is selected and takes part in the 19° international Festival of the television animation in Venice “Cartoons on the Bay” under the category “advertising and promotional works”. This important European annual event is produced by RAI and organized by RAIcom, under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic, with the sponsorship of UNICEF, the Ministry of Heritage, the Tourism and Cultural Activities, Cartoon Italia, ASIFA Italia.

March 2015


Beyond all expectations, distributors of the sector have showed notable interest requesting to distribute the products. That’s how the weaving of a network of experts and technicals started. They divulge, recommend and distribute exclusively the products Lumen®sani-chef® over several areas of the national territory. The development of the concept of being able to create professional ecological detergents with natural bases has become the core business of the company, in the awareness to hand to operators of the sector, wholesalers and end-users efficient products and at the same time products which respect the health of the operators and of the environment, beyond the temporary fashions.

March 2016


In 2016 all detergents of the line sani-chef® becomes part of the training courses of the High Education of Cooking and Pastry in CAST Alimenti International Centre of Art, Science and Food Technology, founded in 1996 in Brescia by the Master Iginio Massari.