After a constant market rise that lasted for the whole ’80s, the production and the distribution have been transferred in the industrial area of Mira-Giare in province of Venice in the 1992. Since 1994 the industrial manufacture of the conventional detergents that were produced since 1967 has been commissioned by external companies, allowing the specialization in the strategic sectors of the distribution and technical assistance. The constant study of the chemical products in commerce and a careful policy of customer care orientated towards the welfare of clients, have highlighted some critical issues in relation to the presence of harmful substances to health. From this starting point, a few years later, thanks to the decisive contribution of a specialist in herbal medicine and cultivation techniques, the first line of professional detergents has been created with natural herbal concepts. The passion for the creation of products which respect the operators, the workplace and the environment, which are contemporaneously very performing, has addressed the efforts to use clean resources such as the use of purified rainwater.