Project Description


Eco-friendly detergents, equipment and products for the safety and health of students
and operators. Our proposals are the result of decades of experience
in the field of school supplies from crèches to universities.
We aim to provide products that ensure the safety of playing, studying, working
in healthy and protected environments.


  • Dispensers-economizers of soaps, towels, toilet paper, toilets and common areas.

  • Personal hygiene products such as: diapers, air-laid cloths, tnt, hygienic wipes and cleaning agents for the body.

  • Eco-friendly concentrated professional detergents for cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces.

  • Durable cleaning equipment, made exclusively for professional use.

  • Colour-coded cloths and cleaning systems, which reduce the risk of cross-contamination in accordance with HACCP standards.

  • Our solutions allow cost savings and allow auxiliaries to carry out cleaning operations in a simple, quick, efficient and safe way.

  • We have always proposed the lowest possible number of products to obtain the required results.


  • We recommend the right cleaning methods and how to optimize operating costs.

  • We advise and educate the auxiliary staff on how to use the products supplied, to obtain the best result with less physical effort and in the shortest possible time.

  • Our company is present on the website to allow public administrations to purchase our products in compliance with public procurement law.